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    The melodic rock outfit Auto Defiance cut its teeth in Nashville; infiltrating the country music epicenter with a seductive mix of alternative rock, indie pop and modern rock. The five-piece band is headed by lead singer/songwriter Bradley Boyer, who after a stint jumping from high-flying aircraft, decided to morph his musical prowess into one of Nashville’s most beloved rock acts.

    Auto Defiance first broke ground in summer ’08, and quickly developed a knack for passionate songwriting with big, atmospheric guitars, sweeping choruses, and evocative lyrics. The band’s influences are apparent, but not overt, with hints of The Cure and early U2.

    After the band’s early single “The Ghost Inside Your House” picked up the 2009 Billboard World Songwriter Award, Auto Defiance continued its success with prestigious gigs at SXSW, the Hard Rock Café, and at a number of Nashville’s famed festivals, art galleries, and pubs.

    Critics have described Auto Defiance unique sound as, “Sonic gold—a mix between tributes to the 90’s and the neo-Velvet Underground sub-culture present in today’s indie rock music” (Indaba);  “Alternative music that will blow you away” (Music Xray); and a “Tight alternative band with great lyrics and a lush, ethereal rock sound” (Music City Circus).  

    This summer, Auto Defiance is set to release its first full-length LP. The yet-to-be-named album is comprised of ten originals, ranging from dreamy ballads to high-energy rock anthems, and a cover song that nods to its early new wave influences.  After the release, the band plans to take its amicable rock across the Atlantic to audiences in Europe—never shying away from the opportunity to cross borders and explore new frontiers.


    Bradley Boyer: Songwriter, Vocals, Guitar
    Asheira: Vocals, Piano, Synth
    Johnny Angel: Drums, Percussion
    Matt Simms: Guitar
    Chris Holt: Bass Guitar


    So . . . what is an “art rock collective”?
    A group of highly creative friends writing, playing, recording, and performing in Music City (and beyond). Others work behind the scenes remotely from hundreds of miles away. Cheers to the kind-hearted musicians playing live, in the studio, artists, street team, and a sharply skilled studio & film production team with an undying work ethic that is non-stop..24/7. This is a DIY effort not led by any political or corporate agenda. This is art in motion
    For the record, a very extra special “Thank You” to the cast of friends and artists who make everything possible! The following super talented friends listed below have all been a key part of creating and building the trademark Auto Defiance sound.

    Producers, Engineers:

    Giovanni: The Record Shop, Balcony TV, James Kennedy Productions (see below)
    John Constable: The Record Shop
    Jeff Koval: Mix Engineer

    Assistant Audio Engineering:

    Ian Anderson: Landmine Audio (Cleveland) Orchestral Mix Engineer, Producer
    Rho Westfall: Sonic Sounds (Dallas) Engineer, Producer
    Ryan Bukowski: 12/30 Music Group (Nashville) Engineer
    Daniel Parente: Musical Scribe

    Film and Visual Media:

    Andy Hubright: Filmmaker, Photographer
    Craig Ciali: Filmmaker, Post Production (Live show concept story film score)
    James Falcon: Filmmaker, Producer
    Rhonda Phipps: Filmmaker, Producer
    Robert Bennett: Filmmaker, Post Production
    Matt Holden: Filmmaker, Producer
    Travis Holmes: Filmmaker, Post Production (live show concept story film score)
    Felecia McGrath: Filmmaker, Set Design


    ~ THANK YOU to all who have crossed creative paths while on our unique artistic journey.





    TJO Presents, NYC (East/Mid West)
    A. Raymos, Austin, TX (South/West)

    PR / Licensing:

    Stephanie Levine, Lovebrand Ent. NYC

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